Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spring Arrives

I'm sitting at the computer with a big bowl of cold grapes. It is finally warm enough to have my window open. I love leaving the window open, catching snatches of birdsong, feeling the fresh air, the way the curtains dance in the breeze, the patterns of lace playing on my carpet.

The robin who has been visiting the nest in my family's tree has finally moved in, and brought his wife. The grass is now green again, and the woods behind our house are coming back to life. The trees along our street are covered in little red and green buds or torrents of white blossoms, and magnolias and tulip trees are opening. The neighbor's yards are exploding with color, tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, crocuses, and of course, dandelions.

I actually really like dandelions. They remind me of little yellow stars, and I love the way they turn to seed in the summer for people to blow away and make wishes on. My brother however, is in charge of lawn care, and is much dismayed at their return, as it means the restarting of his war against the ever-encroaching sea of weeds. But I don't care. Dandelions mean spring is here again. ^^

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KeKe said...

Thanks for visiting! I love the lace curtains and how the sun light dances through the intricate designs...