Saturday, September 11, 2010

Things That Fill Me With Happiness (A List)

  • A good book
  • Cottages in the forest
  • Crochet sweaters
  • Empty journals waiting to be filled
  • Enchanted princes
  • European villages
  • Flowers painted on the inside of teacups
  • Hot chocolate
  • Letters tied with ribbon
  • Miyazaki movies
  • Pearls
  • Pintucks, lace, and ruffles
  • Portrait miniatures
  • Red-striped 18th century dresses
  • Sunlight dappling on grass
  • Taking pictures
  • The spots on a fawn's back
  • Unexpectedly finding some wonderful, longed-for item
  • Waking up to snow

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Adventures in Domestic Cooking said...

What a lovely list!!=)

Just a few out of many things that fill me with happiness:
Hugs from my good friends

Also, I'm helping promote my brothers band, The Great Flood Catastrophe, new music video.
Here's the link!!

efi said...

your post just made my day...!! it seems our faces light up by the same things!!!!!!!!

Tossing Around said...

Beautiful simply beautiful!

Caramella said...

Beautiful post! I agree with hot chocolate! I'm a follower, ciao from Italy :)

Sara Jackson said...

My list and your list are pretty much the same.

Nice to meet you. I too am an author and freelance writer. Please visit my website

Josh Smith said...

Hot chocolate and a good book sounds really amazing right now.

Thrift Queen said...

I just pressed 'next blog' and stumbled along here.

Your words are so beautiful and I love everything on your list. Simply stunning.

My favourite things are watching thunderstorms and the smell of freshly mown grass.

blog said...

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