Monday, June 15, 2009

On the Water Again

I haven't written anything lately because of my new job. I'm now working at a water park not far from my home, and it's keeping me very busy. The work is hard and long and inglorious, and leaves me footsore and exhausted, but it's near the water I've been missing so much. When I walk through the park, I can see it, and hear the sound of it, and there are sea gulls here. So far I have only been able to listen and smell and watch others swimming, but hopefully on Friday I'll be able to go for a visit just for fun, since I get free entrance now that I'm employed there. I also hope that soon I'll be able to move to the cashiering job I was promised. There is a little shop at the waterpark that sells swimming equiptment and souvenirs, and this is where I really want to work. They have shelves full of beautiful little things: bottles of shells, miniature sailing ships, shiny brass spyglasses, old diving helmets, and wooden chests with heavy locks for hiding pirate treasure. What better job than whiling away the afternoon surrounded by such lovely things?

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